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Southern District, Eastern Region of
SC Federation of Music Clubs and
Charleston Music Club 
2024 Summer Music Awards Application Information and Rules

SUNDAY, January 21, 2024 - DEADLINE for online application

*** AUDITION DAY: Saturday, February 3, 2024 ***

Second Presbyterian Church - Education Bldg., 342 Meeting St, Charleston

Open to Residents of the following counties:  Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester


1.  Deadline for online application is January 21, 2024.

2.  Audition fee = $15.00, must be sent with application.  This non-refundable fee is used for scholarship funding.

3.  Personal statement:  Please explain in two or three sentences why you are auditioning for an award.

4In-Person Auditions:  

  • Duration of Program:  maximum 10 minutes - you may be cut off if your piece is longer.

  • Repertoire:  Instrumentalists play two short contrasting works (one technical, one melodic) or one long piece with contrasting elements.  NO repeats.  Vocalists should sing two contrasting songs (art songs in English or other languages, arias, or songs from musical theatre.)  NO POP SONGS.

  • Accompanist: you must supply your own 

  • Copies of selections: please scan the music for your selection(s) and submit with online application.

  • Memorization:  not required for band and string instrumentalists, unless playing a movement from a concerto.

  • Consider "stage deportment" including appropriate dress, bows, and stage presence

     5.  All judges' decisions are final.

6.  Each award will be sent to the institution (or teacher for private study.)  An acceptance letter from the institution must be submitted before payment is made.

7.  If a scholarship is awarded to attend a particular program/workshop and the student either decides to change the program/workshop or is not accepted and elects to take private lessons, CMC reserves the right to adjust scholarship monies accordingly. 


Also, if the scholarship funds have already been sent to the program/workshop and the student backs out too late to have the funds refunded to the CMC, the parents are responsible for refunding the scholarship monies to the CMC.  All CMC decisions are final.

Winners will be notified by phone or email no later than the evening of February 4, 2024.  Previous winners may not apply for the same award again.  

 Address questions to:

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