Everyone has been affected by COVID-19 this year and the Charleston Music Club is no exception.  Please read the following changes that have had to be made for the Club to continue to fulfill its mission of musical outreach and awarding of scholarships.


Under normal circumstances, we meet once per month at Franke at Seaside for our Board/Member meetings and have a variety of performances by local professional musicians as part of our musical outreach mission component.  These concerts provide entertainment for the residents of Franke who might not be able to otherwise travel to see live music.  Due to COVID-19, Franke at Seaside has restricted admittance to their facility which translates into CMC having no venue for their meetings nor their music program. 

  • As a solution to this problem, meetings for members will be accomplished via ZOOM or email.  Those members without computer capability will be mailed a transcript of the meetings or copies of emails, whichever is applicable.

  • Performances will be available once per month on You Tube of the past year's scholarship winners who, sadly, were not able to perform at a Winner's Recital due to the COVID-19 Shutdown.  See Calendar of Events.

Typically the Charleston Music Club holds their Scholarship Auditions at a local church in late January.  This year, we are not able to hold in-person LIVE auditions.

  • For the 2021 scholarship awards auditions will be done similarly as to how they select for music festivals like Brevard:
    students upload a 10-minute performance that displays contrasting mood/character or 2 short
    contrasting pieces to You Tube (private or unlisted, no-editing within pieces) and they submit the
    link with online application.  See Scholarships and follow instructions on the online application.